Solidworks iphone 6 case

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2019-11-18 07:12

iPhone 6 Plus with keepout zones per Apple Inc.v2: Increased width of case by 20 mils. Phone now fits in the case more easily while still remaining snug. SLDPRT: I've uploaded the SolidWorks file by request. It was made in SolidWorks 2013. solidworks iphone 6 case

3D design 'iPhone 6 Blank Case for Free Download# for 3D Printing with Shapeways' created by Duann Scott 220 with Tinkercad.

solidworks iphone case

1000 3d models iphone 6 plus case sldprt 3D models found. Free file download source available in stl sldprt 3ds. See 3D previews before download. May 30, 2014 I have included both a SolidWorks. part file of the completed iPhone case and a. stl file which is the 3D printer format.solidworks iphone 6 case Iphone 6 case. 2 parts. Created in SolidWorks 2015

Free Solidworks iphone 6 case

You are using a web browser or a browser version not supported by this website! This means that some functions may not work as expected. Use or upgradeinstall one of the following browser to take full advantage of this site solidworks iphone 6 case This is just a simple case design for the iPhone 6 it is unfinished, I still have to add the holes but I probably won't have time for it s