Nokia active diverts

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2019-08-20 03:28

Nokia call divert code nokia 105. My phone somehow has activated the call forwarding feature. . every call i make results in a messsage that says call forwarding is activeIt just means your call redirection is activated when your phone is busy (generally, calls are redirected to your voicemail). It is a configurable setting that you can change (the exact steps to change depends on the model of phone that you have). nokia active diverts

Mar 09, 2011 Hi, I am new to 3 and have a Nokia E63. Every time I dial a number to make a call, I get a warning message Note: active diverts . After reading Nokia forums, I found that this was due to voicemail service active on the network.

nokia active diverts

Nov 18, 2007 Best Answer: All that is telling you is that you have an active divert set. It could be to your voicemail if you don't answer, are busy on another call or out of coverage. The only way to get rid of it is have no diverts set which means you would miss calls and not get messages left for you. Jun 16, 2007 hi people starting to worry because everytime i make a call it says the following note: active diverts im pretty sure it never did this when i first got the phone was hoping you guys could tell me what is going on im hoping its normal and it happens to everyone but am worried somebody may be listening to my callsnokia active diverts My gardener has a basic NOKIA brand new all of a sudden he cannot make a single call as it says diverts active, but the phone does not allow m e to cancel all diverts

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Apr 23, 2008 Hi I think this is right submenu to post this problem. I dont know what is going on but when i call then phone says Note: Active diverts. Then when the other end answers the phone and they talk i cannot hear anything. nokia active diverts On my Nokia 5230, whenever I make a voice call to any number, a message pops up on the phone screen reading Note: active diverts . The Aug 08, 2018 to stop the divert message go to call settings and cancell all diverts this means you will have no message minder. this window is simply telling you that you ghave active diverts ie message minder or diverted to another number