Blackberry screen turns white 8520

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2019-09-19 14:47

Aug 14, 2011 My screen turns white when unplugged from charger& wont do anything til i plug back in to charger. . works fine as long as its plugged in to chargerJan 17, 2013  My Blackberry Curve 8520 screen shows a blank white screen I was using my phone one night and out of nowhere my phone screen when white. I tried removing the battery and placing it back into my phone but that did not work, it still has a blank white screen. I also saw information online stating I should use my App loader blackberry screen turns white 8520

Jan 31, 2012  Used my BB this morning, everything worked fine then got to work and got the white screen. Sometimes all white, sometimes white with a third of the screen on the right side with purplish vertical lines. Tried battery pulls with no sucess. THEN. Did a search on the googler, found this page: BBB 9780 showing a white screen BlackBerry

blackberry screen turns

May 16, 2012 Blackberry curve 8520 keeps going white on screen then turns off? it keeps cutting itself off completly after the screen goes white. not all the time but it does this at least 5 x a day now and is getting worse? any ideas Aug 23, 2011 Please Login to Remove! Good day all, Please my BB curve 8520 suddenly starts to give a white screen. I noticed this some few weeks back afterblackberry screen turns white 8520 my phone has frozen on start up and will not boot BlackBerry Curve 8520

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