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Free download page for Project Webolab's ojdbc14. jar. A webbased platform for collaborative research and highperformance computing interface, a tool for implementation of virtual labs.What is the correct best OJDBC JAR file to use with Cognos Controller? Technote ojdbc14. jar 1. 4 ojdbc14.jar android

Android App Decompiler is a useful Tool to unextract and decompiles Android APK. When you runed the Decompiler than created an folder with all Files from then APK and the dex (dalvik executable format) being converted to an jar file.

ojdbc jar android

Oct 23, 2012 Re: Installing JDBC drivers ojdbc14. jar Lara LG Oct 23, 2012 3: 03 AM (in response to WolfDieter Fink) I'm trying with ojdbc6. jar right now, the driver has installed succesfully at least and now I was just about to configure the datasource. JDBC Version. 2 and laterOracle DB Connection On The LAN With ojdbc14. jar Driver For Android Appojdbc14.jar android Android cant work with ojdbc5. jar, ojdbc6. jar as they require some Java SE components not available on Android. So, we have to use ojdbc14. jar since its older than ojdbc5. jar and ojdbc6. jar and doesn't require advance Java components, this also means that only the basic functions are there with ojdbc14. jar.

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The same code works without any modifications on Android. Make sure you add the. jar file of the driver to the project in Eclipse. The compiler will automatically convert the. jar driver into Dalvik compatible package. ojdbc14.jar android Download JAR files for ojdbc7 With dependencies Documentation Source code Download ojdbc14. jar. 1, 454 k) The download jar file contains the following class files or Java source files.