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About Genesys Call Center Software. Now a wholly owned subsidiary of the French voice and data communications company, AlcatelLucent SA, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories was founded in October 1990 to prove that companies could provide better service to their customers by bringing together computers and telecommunications.Pointel is a CRM solution provider and Genesys developer. We are CTI consultants and offer call center CRM solutions. We understand customer facing business processing better than everyone, and thus deliver fabulous CRM software applications. genesys call center applications

Genesys is a leader for omnichannel customer experience& contact center solutions, trusted by 10, 000 companies in over 100 countries.

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Genesys, (also known as Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. ), is a company that sells customer experience and call center technology to midsized and large businesses. It sells both cloudbased and onpremises software. Call Center CRM Call Center Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a call center technology solution that provides employees with access to account information and history in an effort to provide a realtime, personalized customer experience across all channels including voice, web and social.genesys call center applications A unique blend of historical reports and realtime dashboards help you understand how your call center is performing and empower supervisors and agents with actionable data.

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insight into contact center operations. Genesys Info Combining transactional call center data with the power of Mart is the unified data repository for all Genesys suite investment in Info Mart for Call Concentrator customers is a genesys call center applications