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2020-02-29 00:08

Home automation is quickly gaining prominence and there are plethora of smart home devices and home security devices that work through an Android app. So, wouldnt it be great if it worked with the fingerprint scanner? While we are yet to see smart home apps supporting fingerprint scanners, we really hope to see them implement it soon. HavingUnfortunately, not every Android device comes with a fingerprint scanner, but what they do all come with is a camera. So today, I'll be showing you how to fingerprintlock apps using your camera as the fingerprint android apps fingerprint scanner

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android apps fingerprint

The fingerprint scanner on the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro can be used for more than just unlocking the device. Like with almost every other Xiaomi device featuring a fingerprint scanner and running MIUI 9, one can use the fingerprint scanner on the Redmi Note 5Pro to lock installed apps as If you marked as something that your app requires then you dont need to perform this check. The user has granted your app permission to access the fingerprint apps fingerprint scanner Apr 27, 2016  App Lock is a free app which allows you to lock apps with PIN and password. On supported Samsung and Android Marshmallow devices, use your fingerprint to unlock apps. So if you have a device with Android 6. 0 and fingerprint scanner, you can lock app using it. App Lock automatically starts and protects your

Free Android apps fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner on your Android phone can do a lot more than just unlock your device. android apps fingerprint scanner And there you have it. Download the apps that make sense for you, fire up their fingerprint functions, and get ready to finger your phone like you've never fingered it before. But do us all a favor and don't use that phrase to describe it, okay? It's weird. And vaguely unsettling. Best Android Apps with Fingerprint Scanner Support Journey Journey is a great crossplatform journal writing app. Write about your memorable moments, add a photo, maybe complement it with a quote. Journey automatically tags your location, adds weather reports, as well as detects your activity, for example flying or riding or stationary, to Apr 01, 2015  ICE Unlock is a real fingerprint lock screen that locks and unlocks your mobile device securely. Most other lock screens don't actually use biometrics to unlock your device. They are just for fun. ICE Unlock is a true biometric lock screen solution. ICE Unlock is powered by ONYX which allows users to take a picture of their fingerprint