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2020-01-20 23:14

Pocket Gamer is the world's leading destination for the gaming community on mobile, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Nintendo Switch, 3DS and moreNinja Village release for iOS in Japan Fewfre Yet another new iOS port, Ninja Village is now available for iPhone users in Japan. While not yet available on the iPhone in English, this game is one to look forward to. The twist in this game is to fight surrounding areas for control, to expand your territory and help your shogun unify Japan kairosoft iphone release

The Japanese cult hit game company Kairosoft released its latest adorable simulation game Dream House Days today for iPhone and iPad. If you've never played one of the company's hyperaddictive simulations such as Game Dev Story or Mega Mall Story, you'll want to catch up with the new one, free on the iTunes store.

kairosoft iphone release

By Kairosoft buy on iPhone or buy on Android The thing about Kairosoft is that it always tries to walk it in especially so with this footballoriented little number. You're handed the reins of an amateur team in Pocket League Story, and challenged to train it up to be the best in the league. All the latest and hottest Kairosoft news and rumors.kairosoft iphone release With the release of Game Dev Story for iOS and Android in 2010, Kairosoft found itself a large hit, which reached the top ten in iPhone app sales in its first week. Kairosoft continued to port over games that it had previously developed for other platforms.

Free Kairosoft iphone release

TouchArcade is willing to jump in on such occasions and let you know whether or not you should keep your eye out for the English release. Today, were looking at two Kairosoft releases that hit the App Store on the same day. As the games dont have English titles yet, Im just taking a stab at their possible translations, so dont be kairosoft iphone release Welcome to rKairosoft! Usage of the spoiler tag: This is a spoiler. [This is a spoiler. (spoiler) Rules: Unless an official statement is made by Kairosoft about timelines, please do not make any posts purely about the length of time since their last English game. We are all avid Kairosoft fans here, we already know.