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RNDT Inc. is a complete welding inspection and weld xray inspection services company serving the United States as well as internationally. RNDT Inc. is an A2LA ISO accredited commercial testing laboratory headquartered in Johnstown, PA. RNDT's field& laboratory services are offered to all industries.Jun 04, 2015  The TomoWELD project proposes to develop a robust mobile Xray tomographic system for the accurate inspection of mobile weld x ray

We are the leading manufacturer of Portable XRay Equipment which include Portable XRay Scanners and Portable XRay Machines For Welding. These machines are made up of quality material which serves customer satisfaction.

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Xray Equipment JANX uses a variety of xray equipment from ported machines to panoramic machines. We are equipped to radiograph 6 inch to 48inch diameter pipelines internally with either totally automatic battery or generator operated crawlers or electrically operated cable crawlers. All equipment is portable via our specially built mobile Every one thinks of x ray and automatically thinks its very hard, its not. If you have been welding pipe for six years you should have nothing to worry about. I have only been welding pipe for about a year and almos every joint ive welded has been x rayd with only a hand full of drops out of 100's maybe 1000's of welds. Good luck weld x ray Im not really sure how xrays work. When the cwi comes to xray a weld on a open root pipe joint, can he tell how deep your penetration on your root bead was?

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Shoalwelding provides welding and steel fabrication services. We offer pipe fabrication, fitting, pressure welding, xray welding, architectural stainless steel. mobile weld x ray An Xray image of the interior of the weld may be viewed on a fluorescent screen, as well as on developed film. This makes it possible to inspect parts faster and at a lower cost, but the image definition is poorer. Computerization has made it possible to overcome many of the shortcomings of radiographic imaging by linking the fluorescent ATS has become one of the leading NDT companies in North America. Our Mobile, AL branch office specializes in Nondestructive Testing in Pulp and Paper, Petrochemical Plants, Construction Sites and Refineries. NonDestructive Testing COMET has been the leading manufacturer of metal ceramic Xray tubes for NDT applications for more than 40 years.