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2020-03-30 05:46

5 Reasons Apple Might Reject Your HTML5 Mobile App. apple ios. I put a lot of care into making sure the app would not be rejected by Apple.After a metadata rejection, your will receive an email with a link to the Resolution Center. Make the necessary changes and save your app don't click on Submit for Review button). Send a message to your reviewer using the Resolution Center and wait a apple ios rejection

Websites served in an iOS app, web content that is not formatted for iOS, and limited web interactions do not make a quality app. Repeated Submission of Similar Apps Submitting several apps that are essentially the same ties up the App Review process and risks the rejection of your apps.

apple ios rejection

Valves Steam Link app, which allows Steam users to stream their library of PC video games to a smartphone where they can play them while at home, has been rejected from iTunes by Apple, effectively blocking its release on iOS, according to Valve. Did you know that Apple has 114 regulations that your App needs to conform to in order to show up in the iOS App Store? We've compiled 16 reasons why your app could be rejected by Apple, so you can avoid app store rejection!apple ios rejection Eight definite reasons why Apple rejects any iOS mobile app Guest Author With the presence of over 1. 5 million applications in Apple App store, Apple runs a tight ship when it comes to approving mobile apps in its app store.

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The App Store Review Guidelines provide guidance and down the review process or trigger a rejection. focused on the iOS, Mac, Apple TV or Apple apple ios rejection Things to Do when Your App Was Rejected. Identify Rejection Reasons You need to study the rejection letter send by the app store mentioning the reasons for your app rejection. To know the precise reason, you need to login into your iTunes Connect account and click on My Apps. You need to select your app which is rejected from Apple have rejected the iOS version of Valves Steam Link app, the doodad which lets people play their Steam games on pocket telephones and digislates, after initially approving it. Valve have appealed the rejection and been shot down, so this is probably the end unless Apple have a change of heart. I have been writing software for iOS since before it was the iOS, back when it was still called iPhone OS 2. 0. Navigating the App Store approval process can be tricky, specifically when dealing with a rejected app. Apple can reject an App for a lot o