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2019-10-14 20:13

First, it was the iPhone 8 Plus, and now an isolated incident involving the iPhone 8 and swollen battery has sprouted in the U. S.Here's why your iPhone 8 or iPhone X battery might be toast in 18 months into owning his iPhone 8 Plus. (TechRepublic) Your iPhone X8 battery could wear reddit iphone 8 plus battery

Im looking for a iPhone 8 Plus battery case that doesnt charge with micro usb. Anybody got any recommendations? ?

reddit iphone plus

Watch video There have been more reports of Phone 8 Plus devices bursting open due to battery swelling, bringing the total number up to nine incidents around the world. Hey everyone Galaxy S7 user here, and I'm really disappointed with idle battery life on it, so I am thinking about switching to the iPhone. Soreddit iphone 8 plus battery Hello everyone. Please help me out with some concerns. So I got my iPhone 8 Plus back in January of 2018. It was working exceptionally well

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Sep 28, 2017  Watch video  The iPhone 7's battery life underwhelmed but Ive felt as though Ive had to babysit the battery to a greater extent than I have with the iPhone 8 Plus. reddit iphone 8 plus battery [Heres the screenshot of battery There have been many debates on the in Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with bragging about battery life or hilarious submitted 10 hours ago by Crashable iPhone 8 Plus 64GB. 10 comments; Welcome! Welcome to rApple, the community for Apple news, rumors, and discussions. If you have a tech question, please check out AppleHelp! . Community. Official rApple Discord Server