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2019-12-14 20:44

First came 4. 3 inches. Then 4. 5 inches. Then 4. 7 inches. Given how quickly smartphone screens have grown over the past couple of years, you would think that evolution has accelerated, creating a new breed of supersize beings. How else could you explain devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5. 31. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010) I have no problems with a 4. 3 screen it fits great in my hands, and I always have one pocket in front empty for a phone panst can easily fit a 5 phone, but that would be too big for the hands. smartphone too big

Nov 18, 2013 These days, a premium smartphone with a display measuring smaller than 4. 5 inches is a point of suspicion or frustration (ahem, iPhone 5S). A 5inch screen is the new normal, even as users and reviewers lashed back against everlarger jumbo phones just a handful of years ago.

smartphone too big

I love my Nexus 6. This morning, while waking to the rush of caffeine from steaming coffee, I read headlines on the device. Im Phed Up With Phablets: They're too big to prevail caught my attention. The short commentary, by Brian Rubin for ReadWrite, rails against the trend. YES, it is too big in my opinion. I'm 6'1 with proportionate hands. I've owned huge phones like the Lumia 1500 and currently own a Note8. Just because you can do most tasks with one hand on a big phone doesn't mean it'ssmartphone too big It's obviously the start of smartphone season. Techfashionable vendor OnePlus announced its new OnePlus 2 highend lowcost smartphone on Tuesday, while Samsung has sent out invitations to an upcoming press event that will take place in a couple of weeks. Today, though, it was Motorola's turn. This

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I've long maintained that any phone with a screen size over 4. 2 inches is stupid and pointless, and then promptly went out and got an iPhone 6. It seems, though, that everyone's acceptance of what the maximum screen size is varies pretty massively. There's been a steady and welldocumented rise in smartphone too big OK, it's official. Smartphones are too big. Every year, manufacturers make bigger phones, and consumers line up for them. But, bigger isn't always better, people. At this rate, we'll be using smartphones as big as houses within 10 years. It's madness. Do you really need a bigger phone every year Jun 02, 2017 Watch video With smartphone use having wormed its way into every aspect of our lives, it's important that the apps and operating systems running on those devices keep the onehanded user in mind. Because as long as we're not a priority, the phablets will always be too damn big. 11 signs your phone is too big You might not think your phone is too big, but you were recently featured in an article about how stupid people look