Surface versus ipad air 2

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2020-03-28 12:33

Oct 28, 2013 Now that Apple has announced the iPad Air, can Microsoft's new Surface 2 tablet compete? We compare them side by side to help you decide.Is Apple's iPad Air 2 a better buy than Microsoft's Surface 3? surface versus ipad air 2

Microsoft new Surface 3 is the company's latest answer to the iPad, but does it compare? Or is it a dud?

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We compare Microsoft's new Surface 3 tablet with Apple's iPad Air 2. Which 10in tablet is right for you? Read our Surface 3 vs iPad Air 2 comparison to find out. The Microsoft Surface lineup has always been better for work and versatility than at being dedicated tablets. That isn't likely to change with the latest model, the Surface 3, but let's see how it stacks up next to the best dedicated tablet, the iPad Air 2.surface versus ipad air 2 The iPad Air 2 is the best iPad yet (as the latest iPad always should be), but how does it compare to one of the leading laptoptablet hybrids? Read on, as Gizmag compares the iPad Air 2 to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.

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I want to mainly use the device as a tablet. For watching videos, cooking help, browsing the web, research, and very light gaming. Which would surface versus ipad air 2 Compare Microsoft Surface Pro 2 VS Apple iPad Air 2 full specifications side by side. See the common features and the differences that make them better or worse. Apr 19, 2014  Tablets Longterm take: Surface Pro 2 vs. iPad Air. Microsoft and Apple have very different takes on tablets. What are the The iPad Air and Surface 2 fight a 12round tablet battle to determine a winner.