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2019-09-15 16:09

Jul 20, 2018  A mobile MRI is a portable version of the stationary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. This machine is used to scan various body parts and organs such as the brain, knee or shoulder to assess damage.May 13, 2015  Here, well walk through what you can expect with a Mobile MRI from Insight Imaging. Whether youre updating your inhouse scanner or expanding services to meet your mobile mri scanner

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mobile mri scanner

What is a Mobile MRI Scanner? A mobile MRI is, technologically, the same as a fixed MRI. No clear evidence exists showing that they have inferior image quality nor drawbacks when compared to a fixed MRI machine. Onsite truck with MRI, PETCT and PET scanner, certified staff and support. Available on your schedule. Reduce your costs and get access to new diagnostic imaging systems quickly. Avoid downtime or patient backlog. Alliance Radiology is the leading provider of comprehensive mobile& interim radiology mri scanner A Mobile MRI is essentially the exact same thing as a Fixed MRI; just easier to move around. There are plenty advantages to Mobile MRI scanners, including less travel for patients and shorter installation time.

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Insight Imaging provides fullservice, short and longterm MRI mobile services to medical facilities throughout the United States. mobile mri scanner A complete and flexible solution. Mobile MRI is the combination of MAGNETOM scanner technology from Siemens and a dedicated trailer from a Siemens certified trailer manufacturer to provide a complete MRI solution in a mobile environment. The option of mobile operation is available for MAGNETOM Whether you need to keep scanning during a renovation, test your market for referral traffic, or simply catch some overflow that your current scanner can't handle, renting a mobile MRI could be exactly the solution you're looking for.