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Airmail was designed from the ground up to give you a consistent experience whether you use single or multiple accounts, and to provide a quick, modern, and easytouse interface. Airmail is clean and allows you to get to your emails without interruption.New Gmail authentication Free update for all previous Airmail iOS users Full label support HTML rich composer; VIP airmail ios gmail labels

Switching from Mail to Airmail on iOS: When you use the Labels tool, Gmail assigns the label you select to the conversation. Other labels, including Inbox, remain.

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Keep in mind that Airmails VIP feature is completely separate from iOS, meaning that if you already have a big list of VIPs in the iOS Mail app, youll have to recreate it for Airmail. First step: Make a list of VIP contacts. Fortunately, while Airmail doesn't try to reinvent the wheel in terms of UI design and email organization, the team at Bloop prioritized an essential aspect for iOS power users: the ability to customize nearly everything in the app.airmail ios gmail labels Airmail for iPhone Airmail iOS. Gmail Labels. It would be great if you supported gmail style labels the way you do on Mac.

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LabelsFolders can be customized in Airmail app. This article will look at the different options for customizing folders. Customize a Label. 1. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner on the app, which will reveal the menu. 2. Scroll down to Labels and tap on it 3. Tap on the preferred email account 4. Now tap and hold on the label you wish to airmail ios gmail labels Feb 01, 2016  Airmails strongest attraction is its customizability. It can be tweaked to suit the users tastes in look and feel. Because there are several settings, it can take a while to learn the full range, but it is worth taking the time to experiment. Suppose an email is labeled in Gmail with label A and B. One removes label A. As long as you remain in folder B the label A will never be removed in Airmail. Also not when you press refresh. The only moment when the label is removed is when you open the folder of the label you just removed. TestFlight Notifications: Airmail for iOS Sync All Labels Airmail for iPhone. Written by Mark Updated over a week ago Dynamic Fonts Airmail for iPhone.