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2019-12-14 20:55

Online video consumption grows 5 times in 2017: Report Ethical hackers in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru are making a killing bountyhunting bugs for tech firms Internet domain names in Indian languages soonA Study On Mobile Usage and Data Penetration in India Using Predictive Analytics 261 There is an increase in digital data consumption by Indian consumers, in line with the global trends and this trend is observed for all type of content on the internet including text, audio or video. mobile video consumption in india

Welcome to the Deloittes point of view about the rise of Ondemand Content consumption through digital platforms in India. audio and video in India. Our objective with this report is to analyze the key market trends in past, and expected two activities on which the Indian mobile internet users spend their time the most

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Summary: Mobile users in India are concerned with storage and data consumption, share devices, use app lockers for privacy, and log in with onetime passwords. Do mobiledevice users behave differently, depending on whether they have a history of using desktop computers before they got a smartphone The mobile data consumption in India is growing at the unprecedented rate. The tug of war between telecom providers has resulted in a massive drop in data rates. Consequently, mobile phone users are consuming amobile video consumption in india form content; with the average length of video viewed in India being less than 20 minutes. In addition, 62 of the content phablet or mobile, are all secondary. We are entering an era Future of Digital Content Consumption in India 13

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60 viewers prefer comedy content, while mobile network usage accounted for 65 in India, as compared to 49 in developed markets. While travelling, Indian consumers consumed 56 of video content, as compared to 46 in developed nations. mobile video consumption in india Smartphone users in India Topics More Topics Statista provides you with the information you search for right away. Dr. Horst Stipp EVP, Research& Innovation, Frequency of mobile video consumption in the United Kingdom (UK) 2013 New Delhi January 18, 2016: Vuclip, the leading premium mobile video on demand (VOD) service for emerging markets, has released its Global Video Insights Report for the year 2015, comparing developing markets such as India with developed markets in terms video consumption behaviour of users. Smartphones and other digital devices have instigated a new epoch of televisionvideo consumption in India by transforming it into a personal media device. Empowered by onthego accessibility and greater control over their viewing experience, digitalsavvy audiences in the country are increasingly inclining towards online content platforms