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2020-02-26 23:12

During the last few years, we have seen a significant shift in the way app marketers look at growth. One of the most notable changes is the manner in which app retention metrics have taken a precedence over app acquisition numbers.App user retention rates grew 22 percent in 2014 since the previous year overall, and Android retention rates went up, according Localytics. Now user app retention is 45 for Android and 35 for iOS (iPhones and iPads) retention android app

Indicates how long annotations with the annotated type are to be retained. If no Retention annotation is present on an annotation type declaration, the retention policy defaults to A Retention metaannotation has effect only if the metaannotated type is used directly for annotation.

retention android app

Exclusive data on retention curves for mobile apps In a recent essay covering the Next Feature Fallacy, I explained why shipping just one more feature doesnt fix your product. The root cause is that the average app has pretty bad retention metrics. Today, Im excited to share some real numbers on mobile retention. Retention rates for the first month hovered around the 59 mark, while 21 of people only use a retail and eCommerce app onceboth of which are below the average scores for all apps. On the flip side, total time spent in this category of apps is lowonly 38. 46 minutes per monthalthough an average session lasts around 3. 67 minutes.retention android app Android apps often have higher retention rates than their iOS equivalent across many app verticals. The exceptions are social and messaging apps, where iOS consistently outperforms Android, and media and entertainment apps, where iOS overtakes Android

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High Retention Android App Promotion Campaigns. Retention is a major problem with incentivized android app installs as the google playstore takes retention time into account to determine app rankings. retention android app The State of App Marketing report takes a closer look at app installs and engagement to examine the differences between Android and iOS and help marketers make the most of insight on retention and conversion rates. Nov 21, 2017  These features allow app developers to improve their retention and user experience. Android users upgrade devices regularly and providing an optimized sign in and data transfer to their new device will help you improve your retention As you can see in the charts below, Health& Fitness apps are in quadrant I for Android (and almost there for iOS). Apps in this category tended to have the highest retention after 30 days and rather frequent weekly use.