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2019-09-15 16:06

I find it absolutely ridiculous that the default file explorer on my Sony Xperia Let's talk about File Commander. This wouldn't be so bad if File CommanderI owned SONY Xperia smart phone and i inserted SD card into it with some files but i didn't found those file anywhere in my phone. No file manager in Xperia? Also when i download anything it goes to sony xperia e file commander

Eseries: Xperia E4: File Commander ads; Options. Mark Topic The problem is that this app is preinstalled by sony, so its the only file manager that can write to

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File Commander is taking up 4GBs of my phone. News and discussion for Sony Xperia phones and tablets. What happens if I disable File Commander Explore the world of Sony Apps and Services. How do I browse and organise files on an Xperia device? such as the File Commander xperia e file commander This section presents file managers soft for Sony Xperia E. A great file manager with material design. Total Commander.

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Jun 29, 2018  File Commander is a featurerich, (for Sony Xperia devices) A new fresher look makes File Commander the most intuitive file manager in the sony xperia e file commander