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AkrutoSync will guide you through the configuration process. When prompted to create an Exchange ActiveSync account on your Windows 10 Mobile phone, do the following. 1) Swipe from the home screen to the application list.Nov 30, 2017  If you have a PC running Windows 8 or Windows 8. 1 and want a modern, touchenabled app, get Microsoft Phone Companion from the Microsoft Store. Go to taken synchroniseren windows phone

Jun 06, 2017 The todo list for me, in Windows Phone 8. 1 was not easy to use, and I ended up using a 3rd party alternative anyway. Windows 10 Calendar. No Tasks?

taken synchroniseren windows

This Windows Phone task management tool allows you to sync your tasks directly to Outlook. You can create or edit your tasks on your phone and sync them down to outlook, or create them on outlook and sync them to your phone. Recurrence information is supported as well as reminders on your phone. Sync Outlook with Windows Phone 7, 8, 8. 1 and Windows 10 Phone Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 Contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. Works with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 Sync Outlook for Mac 2011 and Outlook for Mac 2015 Highly secure. No Exchange Activesync. Supports category colors and recurring tasks.taken synchroniseren windows phone In Windows Phone 8. 1, Where are Outlook Tasks in Windows 10? up vote 11 down vote favorite. 1. In Windows Phone 8. 1, the Outlook Tasks are located in

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As lee stated Outlook Tasks are not supported on windows phone. But I've recently posted an article to my blog that documents a process that allows you to have tasks on your phone. You can find a link for the article, entitled, Manage You Tasks on a Windows Phone, in my signature. taken synchroniseren windows phone Apr 17, 2016 I have recently upgraded to a Lumia 550 running Windows 10 Mobile. On Windows Phone 8, Where are Exchange Tasks on W10M? Similar Threads. A better way to sync Windows Phone 10 with Outlook Akruto can sync Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks with Windows Phone 10. It does not, however, sync emails because all phones come with this capability. Spring is quickly approaching and with the warm weather, everyone will start finding their way outdoors and our Windows Phone cameras will become more active. Well be shooting pics of flowers, the kids running around the back yard, little league ball games, vacation spots and other warm weather hot spots.