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Apr 20, 2009  What does TTY mean? Thread well whats the point of it on the iPhone? Youngbinks i thought it converted voice toMy iphone acts starnge. It drops calls, constantly asks me if I want Voice or TTY. I have to turn it OffOn to Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist iphone asks tty or voice

Answer or make TTY calls from your iPhone With iOS 10 and later, and a cellular connection on your iPhone, you can make TTY (Text Telephone) calls without any extra hardware. You can also find transcripts of your previous TTY calls.

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Nov 06, 2008 My iPhone asks me when headset is plugged in, if i want Voice or TTY when ever i go to dial a contact or any number. is there a setting i am missing? What does it mean on an iphone if it asks you tty or voice for making a call? Iphone help what does it mean when it asks tty or voice when making a calliphone asks tty or voice After always working normally my 3GS now asks me before making virtually any call if I want it to be a voice or TTY call. What is prompting it to

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One of these options is called TTY and provides ways for TTY applications or devices to interface with the iPhone and make or receive TTY calls. When the TTY setting is enabled on an iPhone there is an icon at the top of iphone asks tty or voice Oct 09, 2009 My iphone 3g seems to be on the fritz. Everytime I try to make a call, it asks me to choose either Voice or TTY and when I press voice, I cannot hear anything in the earpiece speaker. From the 'HEARING' section, tap TTY. Tap the following switches to turn on or off: Software TTY Allows you to make and receive TTY phone calls using iPhone software without the need for additional hardware. Hardware TTY Allows you to connect to an external device for TTY calls. About the TTY symbol in the status bar on your iPhone Learn how to identify the Teletype (TTY) symbol in the status bar on your iPhone. Teletype (TTY) machines are used by