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Now locate the file that you to send over Bluetooth. Hit the Share button and tap the Bluetooth icon from the list that opens. When you choose Bluetooth you need to click Scan for Devices and the phone will begin scanning for nearby BluetoothI am developing a desktop application using java to send a file to android devices. I followed this article to develop it. I tested it in mobile, java based and it works fine but in android mobile I send file bluetooth android java

I want to send a simple string data such as 'a' from an android device to other one via bluetooth. I looked sample bluetooth code in android sdk but it is so complex for me. I cannot understand how I can send only specific data when I press a button.

send file bluetooth

Use the Bluetooth menu on the Mac to choose the Android tablet and then choose Send File. You can find the Bluetooth menu at the farright end of the menu bar. Use the Select File to Send dialog box to browse for and select the file on your Mac that you want to send to the Android tablet; click the Send button. Simple Android and Java Bluetooth Application February 28, 2011 Last week was my schools recess week. I had a lot of free time and decided to learn Java and Android Bluetooth by reading the Bluetooth development guide for Android. Then I had an idea to make my Android phone become a simple remote control for my laptop, just forsend file bluetooth android java Android Bluetooth Tutorial. Bluetooth is a way to exchange data with other devices wirelessly. Android provides Bluetooth API to perform several tasks such as: scan bluetooth devices; connect and transfer data from and to other devices

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To develop an Android application making use of data transfers via Bluetooth (BT), one would logically start at the Android Developer's Bluetooth page, where all the required steps are described in details: device discovery, pairing, send file bluetooth android java Create a callback method that provides files Once you've verified that the device supports Android Beam file transfer, add a callback method that the system invokes when Android Beam file transfer detects that the user wants to send files to another NFCenabled device. Java Code Examples for The following code examples are extracted from open source projects. You can click to vote up the examples that are useful to you. I am writing a small program to send file between Android and PC through bluetooth. I already read the bluetooth chat example in google android site. Currently, my version works really well with sending a text message via bluetooth, but when I send some files, around 20 KB, it stops working and throwing EOFException as below: