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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (September 9, 2015) It was an average day at the Louisville Zoo for YouTube video editor Paul Ross. . He was visiting the zoos gorilla sanctuary for the first time with his daughter when he noticed another visitor showing his iPhone to a gorillaThis is the amazing moment a gorilla and a boy shared a special bond as they scrolled through pictures on an iPhone. The primate was clearly intrigued by the mobile device as the boy flicked through pictures of other gorillas, pressing each image up against the glass cage so the animal could take a proper look. . Eventually the boy and the gorilla gorilla iphone pictures

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gorilla iphone pictures

iPhone 8 Case, iPhone 7 Case, Gorilla Glass Luxury Aluminum Alloy Protective Metal Extreme Shockproof Military Bumper Heavy Duty Cover Shell Case Skin Protector for Apple iPhone 8& iPhone 7Red This video of a young man showing his iPhone to a gorilla at the zoo proves one thing: Animals, like celebrities, are just as addicted to technologyand pictures of their friendsas the rest of us. Might this video offer an evolutionary explanation for the human compulsion to scroll through onegorilla iphone pictures Feb 29, 2012 This happened at the San Diego Zoo. A man showed a gorilla some pictures of itself. You can see the gorilla put his head closer to the phone to get a better look.

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Sep 07, 2015  Gorillas like photos too! Incredible moment Jelani 'asks' to see a new picture as man scrolls through ape images on his iPhone. Gorilla stares at phone, which a man gorilla iphone pictures Sep 06, 2015 Have you shown pictures on your iPhone or Android to a gorilla in a zoo habitat? Post a link in the comments section! There has been concern about the habitat and happiness of this silverback gorilla. An iPhone tripod is a great accessory for your mobile photography, especially when shooting in low light or when taking selfportrait photos. . But with so many tripods available, which one do you choose? The great camera features of iPhone 5 and iPhone 44S are incorporated into GorillaCam 2. 0, including front and backfacing cameras, flash and high res photos. Brand new look, plus even more features!