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Full Title: Regulatory Fee Exemptions; Document Type(s): Fact Sheet; Bureau(s): Managing Director; Description: A description of exemptions on regulatory fees.exemption from ship station requirements o fcc 820 application for exemption from ship radio station o no fcc fee required new marine radio operator fcc application fee exemption

Certain nonprofit entities are eligible for a partial fee exemption. FACT SHEET FEDERAL FCC 159 Application PaymentFee Type Code: PALM

fcc application fee

A body or person seeking such an exemption must complete an Application for Exemption from Paying Court Fees An individual is exempt from paying a court fee Register for the Commonwealth Courts Portal and eFile an application for divorce; Application for exemption from fees general (family law) Forms& Fees;fcc application fee exemption MANUAL FILING INSTRUCTIONS FOR FCC 605 filing are provided online when the application is submitted. FEE EXEMPTION: FCC 159 Application PaymentFee

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payment of FY 2011 regulatory fees. Regulatory fee payments must be RECEIVED by the under our community service exemption, of regulatory fees. FCC fcc application fee exemption Application Information. File Number The FCCassigned file number of the application. Call Sign The combination of letters and numbers that identify the FCC license to which the application is related. You can view the license This certification does not apply to applications filed in services exempted under 1. 2002(c) of the rules, 47 CFR. See 1. 2002(b) of the rules, 47 CFR 1. 2002(b), for the definition of party to the application as used in this certification 1. 2002(c). The questions on this page allow the applicant to apply for an exemption from FCC application and regulatory fees andor to request a waiver of the Commission's rules with this application. For more information on fees, see the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) Fee Filing Guide, FCC Form 1070AT, or call the ULS Customer