Iphone 6 charging port not working properly

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2019-12-13 07:37

Lightning cable charge iphone 6a perfectly, so that's means that the cable is working properly. Charging port was replaced to iphone 6b, but still doing nothing. Tried to connect to the computer and wasn't recognized either, so can't to put on DFU mode. Hard reset done already and problem persist.How can the answer be improved? iphone 6 charging port not working properly

Apr 21, 2016  If your iPhone 5, 6, 7 or the new iPhone 8 and X isn't charging very well with the lightning cable or a dock charger. It may be because it has a load of pocket lint and fluff compacted in the charging

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Once you get hold of a working USB port or a good adapter, and if the iphone 6 not charging problem persists, it might be caused by a broken USB port. To test this, you should try a different USB port. If the computer identifies your iPhone and starts charging, the issue would be caused by a malfunctioning or broken USB port. To re iPhone 6 Does Not Charge Problem: Hi, I have iPhone 6 bought last year. The charger was working fine until nowadays. Whenever I insert the charger it says cable not supported and it wont charge. I tried the same came to another iPhone and it was working fine. I have another cable then also again it says the same message. Theiphone 6 charging port not working properly So when I plugged the charger into the iPhone, contact was just not happening between the cable and the lighting port. And when theres no contact, theres no charging. And when theres no contact, theres no charging.

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A Quick Summary. To solve the iPhone charging problem, youll need to fix issues with the wall adapter or power source, the cable you use to charge your iPhone, the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone, or restore your iPhones software. iphone 6 charging port not working properly Note: iPhone is not charging on computer under the 2 circumstances: . When you connect iPhone to the USB port on external keyboard of your computer. iPhone needs to be charged using highspeed USB ports but the ports on most keyboards don't provide enough power to charge iPhone. Feb 20, 2016  One of the primary reasons an iPhone wont charge is remarkably simple; the port on the iPhone is clogged with dust, debris, pocket lint, or some other obstruction. Something quite small can easily prevent a charging cable from fitting properly into the iPhone, so the very first thing you should do is check the charging port on the iPhone