Phone turns off when too cold

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2019-09-17 06:42

Apple said the best way to ensure cold weather doesn't do permanent damage to your smartphone is to turn it off, as a powereddown phone is fine in temperatures above zero. But when temperatures dip below zero, you're risking a complete shutdown of your smartphone due to the cold.Jan 22, 2014  Imagine this: Youre shoveling snow in the blistering cold from another arctic blast. You stop for a moment and pull out your smartphone to see the temperature Is it minus 10 degrees yet? It feels like minus 30. then your phone shuts off. You frantically press the power button a few times. Nothing. Its dead, or at least it seems phone turns off when too cold

When my phone shuts off I know that it doesnt dies and that it just shuts off. If it shuts off and I saw it still had a lot of battery I know it didnt drain the battery. If you want to get your phone to turn on all you have to do is warm your phone up. If it doesnt turn on at first you just need to keep warming it up.

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Jan 08, 2014  Your iPhone is just like you: It really hates the cold. When the temperature drops below freezing, iPhones can start malfunctioning: Your smartphone might not sense your touch, the battery dies faster and, if An Apple expert explains why your iPhone turns off in cold weather and gives some helpful tips to keep your iPhone warm so it doesn't turn offphone turns off when too cold I'm not sure but the iPhone 5 may have an automatic turn off when it gets too cold, in order to save the battery. Because the iPhone 5 is made of alloy, it may transfer cold quicker to the internal components, when compared to

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iPhone iPhone 6 consistently shutting down when it's cold outside? but not a single person in my family has ever had an iPhone turn off in cold temperatures. And we skisnowboard pretty often in the mountains where temperatures regularly go below zero. This is among numerous generations too. Hell, even just the other day I was walking phone turns off when too cold