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2019-08-18 06:56

Last year Samsung was awarded a patent for a radical design that allows a phones to fold in two. It could lead to a handset that can easily transform into a tablet simply by unfolding it. The document shows a narrow Samsung device with a screen that bends and folds like an oldschool flip phone handset, with a large hinge.May 12, 2017  Watch video  The most interesting spec is the phone's dual, 4. 2inch, full HD Super AMOLED screens, which would likely make you feel like you're wielding two smartphones at once. Other specs include a 12megapixel rear camera, a 5megapixel selfie cam, a 2, 300mAh battery, 64GB of storage memory, Samsung Pay support and smartphone flip 2017

May 11, 2017 Samsung is rumored to bring a new version of the highend folding W2017 to its home country of South Korea, according to ET News (via The Investor). It seems strange that just weeks after launching the premium Galaxy S8, Samsung seems to still have a soft spot for Android flip phones.

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See which phones earned the top spot in our survey of the bestreviewed Flip phones, according to the average rating given by webwide mobile review web sites. Best Cell Phones; Best Flip Cell Phone 2018; Best Flip Cell Phone 2018. The# 2 position for Sanyo M1 in the best verizon flip cell phone of 2017 list was generated based on cell phone reviews from sites like CNet. com, MobileBurn. com and PCMag. com. 20 such reviews were considered in all. Best Flip Cell Phone 2018.smartphone flip 2017 The Best Smartphone Flip Phone 2017. Samsung Convoy 3; Before manufacturing sophisticated touchscreen display, Samsung already produces phone with flip design. The screen size of Samsung Convoy is only 2. 2 inch. Despite having smaller screen size compared to smartphone with touchscreen feature, it has surprisingly long standby

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Flip phones 2017 We might be living in the world where the trend is of using touchscreen, smartphones, but the fad of using a flip phone is still not over. Using a buttoned keyboard might seem difficult after using a touch keyboard, but smartphone flip 2017 Samsung, please let me buy this new flipphone; Samsung, please let me buy this new flipphone. By James Peckham Mobile phones Opinion: I want this as much as a Galaxy S8 10 of the best flip phones of all time; Via CNET. See more Mobile phones news. Tech deals, prizes and latest news