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Sync Android contacts with iPhone using CardDAV Alternatively, you can bypass the need for a Mac or PC by setting up your iPhone to sync directly with your Google contacts. We do so by using a CardDAV account.Apr 22, 2017  Here are the following steps that I used to transfer my contacts from my android phone to my iPhone 5S: 1. Go to contact and export your address book to the android device. 2. Connect your phone to your computer and copy the. vcf file on it. 3. Create a new email and send the email to the address that it is configured on your sync android contacts to iphone

How to Sync your Contacts with Google Contacts on Android Depending on the version of Android youre using, syncing contacts may work a little differently, so well break it down as simply as possible.

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Jul 15, 2013  Tap on Sync Contacts (or Sync All if you want to sync everything) and let the syncing process complete, this may take a few minutes if you have a very large address book; Now that the contacts have been synced between Android phone to Googles servers, you can now sync the same contacts from Google to the iPhone. On that screen, check the box next to Sync Contacts to enable address book syncing. In the dropdown menu, select the address book program you use. Click the button next to All Contacts. Click the Apply button in the bottom right corner to save this setting and transfer all your contacts to the iPhone.sync android contacts to iphone The easiest way to move contacts from your Android phone to a shiny new iPhone is to download Apple's specificallymade Move to iOS app. . As long as your current device runs Android 4. 0 or higher, you should be fine to download and use Move to iOS to round up all your contacts, text messages, media, email and calendar entries, and transfer all of the above to a new iPhone.

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How to transfer music from Android to iPhone. The principle here is similar to that of transferring photos from Android to iPhone. You need to get music files from your Android and on to your PC or Mac, then get those files into iTunes and sync up your iPhone. The critical stage here is to back up your Android to a PC or Mac. sync android contacts to iphone When switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, its not only a change of brand but also a change of its entire operating system. Switching operating systems may result in file and format incompatibility. This makes the transfer of private data such as Contacts, Mail and Messages a tricky After installing, run the Syncios Transfer tool meanwhile connect your iPhone and Android devices to computer. Click Start button to make android contacts to iphone transfer. The software will show all your files in the window. Please note that the source phone is on the left and the target phone is on the right. How can the answer be improved? Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone: the quick and easy way. If you have been using your Android phone or tablet, you will have and use a Google account. The good news is that all of your contacts will already be associated with your Google account.