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Cell phone cheats only work on the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game. All official cell phone cheats for for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5).Spawn Annihilator police helicopter. Dial on the cell phone. The Annihilator is armed with rockets. Note: This phone number translates to FLY . This code prevents the One Man Army and Walk Free achievements from being earned. gta cheats phone numbers

New GTA 5 Cell Phone Cheats By xsisted78 January 20, 2016 New cell phones cheat of GTA 5 uncovered recently. Dialing creates an unknown blast on the screen and changes your characters cell phone

gta cheats phone

Dec 27, 2017 Watch video Aside from the GTA V cell phone cheats above, there are other codes and numbers that are known to lead to various characters or businesses in the GTA 5 universe. You can find these codes below. You can find these codes below. There are many phone numbers seen, mentioned, and used throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. While phone numbers are rare ingame, a few are mentioned in the game's manual. While phone numbers are rare ingame,gta cheats phone numbers There are numerous phone numbers you can call in GTA 5. Many put you through to an ingame character, but others just give you a busy signal or an answering machine. Many put you through to an ingame character, but others just give you a busy signal or an answering machine.

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To dial a number and activate a cell phone cheat in GTA 5: Bring out your cell phone (press up on the dpad on console versions, or T or Backspace on the PC version). Go to your contacts list and press X on the Xbox One, Square on the PS4 or Spacebar or the middle mouse button on PC. This will bring up the dial pad. gta cheats phone numbers Dec 28, 2017 This page contains cheats and secrets in Grand Theft Auto 4. Some of the most exciting of these GTA 4 cheats can be entered by bringing up Niko's cell phone and dialing in the numbers. Once entered into the phone, you will retain the code under the Cheats menu in your cell phone for later use. How can the answer be improved? Feb 05, 2016 Cell Phone Cheats For GTA 5 Christen Costa Updated April 5, 2017 To access your phone press up or backspace if you're on a PC. From there enter a few numbers and the cheat will be activated.