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2020-02-17 00:23

How to update Google Play apps over WiFi: Google Play automatically updates your apps to provide a smooth, uninterrupted smartphone experience. If you haven't yet changed Google Play's autoupdate setting to WiFi only, your device will download these app updates any time you're connected to the Internet.Here, we have a quick solution for you to Restrict the WhatsApp to WiFi only on Android Devices: Considering you have Android 4. 4, 5 or newer version, go to Settings Menu of your smartphone. Tap on Data Usage option. android limit app to wifi only

Latest versions of Android Marketplace allow you to force all apps to update over WiFi only, saving your expensive mobile data allowance. Older versions never had a global setting to make your apps update via WiFi only. Therefore, if you had set automatic app updates on, those updates would often be downloaded via your mobile

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The Data usage section in Android Settings lets you view the amount of data used by each specific app. If you notice an app using more background mobile data than youd like it to (Snapchat comes to mind), you can restrict it from accessing the Internet till youre back in a WiFi covered area. If youre looking to conserve your bandwidth and How to Prevent Any App from Using Mobile Data on Android. Android. How to Prevent Any App from Using Mobile Data on Android. Bertel King, Jr. December 4, 2015 4 minutes. How to Prevent Any App from Using Mobile Data on Android if you look closely, youtube's wifionly setting blocks HD video . Lesser video goesandroid limit app to wifi only PS On a different note. Streaming music didn't work for me because I turned off background data enabled for the streaming app. The settings say turn off background data for mobile data only, but it seems to also disrupt wifi. The distinction by apps or by carrier seems to be difficult in both cases.

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Check the text below the graph in the first screenshot: Your carrier's data usage accounting may differ. the carrier has nothing to do with WiFi, only with mobile data. Also, the checkbox is described as Set mobile data limit, not WiFi. android limit app to wifi only App will check the wireless networks available in range, and connect to network as soon as it is in range. person will not be able to switch off the wifi or connect to any other network. When device is in range of my wifi, apps will be restricted and only allowed app can be used. suppose we can restrict camera use in my wifi range and camera usage