Iphone weather icons meanings

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2020-02-20 04:16

If youre a weather watcher and use the iPhone weather app to help determine how youre going to dress for the day, or if youre planning for a weekend getaway, Apple has hopefully cleared up some of the confusion about what the Apple weather icons mean in the Weather app on your iPhone so you won't be left out in the cold.Thankfully, Apple has offered a handydandy guide that legit shows us what all the weather symbols on our iPhones mean. Read more: New iOS bug can crash iPhone messaging apps As pointed out by Metro, the 25 tiny pictures included in the trusty iOS weather app give a unique symbol for seemingly any weather scenario. iphone weather icons meanings

If you've ever used iPhone's weather app, you know there is an array of emojiesque symbols available to describe a number of weather conditions. Similar to many emojis themselves, though, it's sometimes difficult to know what all

iphone weather icons

What those weather icons mean Seems like more and more lately Ive been seeing symbols in the iPhones weather app that I cant immediately interpret. Heres a handy chart to help with that. Mar 23, 2017 There are many icons inside the new weather app in iPhone update IOS7 which are difficult to understand. Can you confirm our best guess that the weather for Wednesday and Thursday will be windy? Hope we are right.iphone weather icons meanings The iPhone Weather app gets its information from Yahoo Weather. The forecast should be the same as if you want to Yahoo and looked up the weather for your area. But the iPhone Weather app doesnt include descriptions of the

Free Iphone weather icons meanings

Knowing just what some of these iPhone weather icons mean is not so straightforward (Picture: Apple) When it comes to the various weather icons on your iPhone, youd be forgiven for finding their meanings a little foggy. With 25 tiny pictures of everything from Sunset to Tornado, the weather app is pretty comprehensive. iphone weather icons meanings About the Weather app and icons on your iPhone and iPod touch Learn how to use the Weather app on your iPhone to check the weather in your current location or in other cities. With the Weather app in iOS, you can look up the weather by city name, postal or zip code, and airport code. Weather channel icons key Explain icons on iphone weather The weather channel iphone icons meaning The weather channel icon legend Community Experts online Apple pulls Yahoo Weather's data into Weather. app. Heres a chart of Yahoos iconography. Apples icons are custom but you can see how they carried the symbolism from Yahoos original icons.