Use smartphone as bluetooth receiver

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2020-03-28 10:55

Feb 04, 2015 Is it possible to use my phone (Motorola Photon) as a bluetooth receiver? Here is what I would like to do. I ride a motorcycle with a full faceHow to use an Android device as bluetooth USB anything you connect via bluetooth from your smartphone. i use my android phone as a bluetooth receiver for use smartphone as bluetooth receiver

Bluetooth allows your computer communicate with other wireless devices. You have the option to print, scan, network or access the Internet. If you do not have Bluetooth, use your cell phone instead.

use smartphone as

Jul 21, 2011 Android Phone as a Bluetooth Receiver? In essence, the opposite of what people usually use a phones bluetooth connectivity for. Sep 23, 2016 I have a few old phones lying around (a Nokia XpressMusic 5800, a few Blackberry Curves etc. ), and I was contemplating the idea of somehow converting them into Bluetooth receivers, where I can plug in any pair of headphones or a line out and control it with my phone.use smartphone as bluetooth receiver Android as a Bluetooth receiver for the PC. A computer with a large library, which will not fit in any smartphone. a. Portable speakers without Bluetooth

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Can I use the speaker level outputs of my receiver to transmit via bluetooth? I don't have line level outputs on my receiver. solved Connect PS3 to TV using HDMI then audio out of the TV to the receiver by RCA cable. use smartphone as bluetooth receiver AirPlayDLNA Receiver which is the receiver to connect to the speakers and Twonky Mobile which streams your media to the receiver. Basically set up your Android device and plug in the cable to your stereo or headphones.