Iphone controlled xmas lights

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2020-02-24 11:22

Once you click on the blue Christmas light, it hits a webserver that pulls down XML and fills out a list of lights to control: iPhone Remote Control Main Screen I have my wreath on the door, the garland on the stairs, Santa out frontand our tree on the list.Fortunately, controlling your lights from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has never been easier. With the right app and devices like connected LED bulbs and smart light switches, youll be off and be running before you know it. iphone controlled xmas lights

Bring your lights to life with Lumenplay appenabled lights. Lumenplay enables smart control of lighting combining interactive, wireless control, mobile gaming and social sharing to add fun and excitement to a home, commercial or retail space.

iphone controlled xmas

The lights work over Bluetooth 4. 0 and offer customizations for light colors, timers, effects, a music visualizer, and more via a companion app from the App Store. The company sells a 79 starter kit with a 12foot strand of 12 RGB LEDs. The new lights have been built to sit inside decorative baubles that can be placed anywhere on the tree and the designers claim they will last 20 years longer than traditional Christmas lights. Christopher Higgins, 29, cofounder of Powered by Aura, the Californiabased company behind the new lights, said: 'This is really a brand newiphone controlled xmas lights EasyBulb Plus is a smart light bulb you can control using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, remote via WIFI. Home automation LED Wifi light bulb

Free Iphone controlled xmas lights

Lumenplay 20W Color Splasher. Using the same Bluetooth Smart devicecontrolled technology as Lumenplay appenabled lights, Lumenplay appenabled Color Splashers provide uniform, indirect lighting that draws attention to a large area or surface. iphone controlled xmas lights Apple has recently started stocking these new Christmas lights from Lumenplay that are smart in nature and can be controlled via an app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The lights are based on the same principal as say, Philips Hue, but it works over Bluetooth and come with a much cheaper price tag. However, the two products are poles apart