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2019-08-25 11:23

Attachments in emails in iOS have not always been easy to work with. You could attach photos and videos or, for other types of files, hope that the app in which the file was created provided an option for sharing the file via email.Use the iPad's builtin iBooks application to attach a PDF document to an email. iPad User Guide for iOS 5. 0 Adding an Attachment to a Reply Email on an ios attach pdf to email reply

To do so (applies to iOS ): Switch to the Photos app and tap Select button in the upper right corner; Select photos you wish to attach; Tap Share button in the left bottom corner (box with an arrow pointing outwards) and choose Copy Switch to the Mail app, click Reply and hold in the body of the message until the popup menu

ios attach pdf

I am not sure about the path to attach pdf to email. In the sample code on developers forum: NSString path [[NSBundle mainBundle ofType: @ png ; NSData myData [NSData Here the full path was not required as the attachment was added to the project itself. Install Google's Gmail or another email app and use it for email. Attach files easily by viewing the file share icon and add the new email app to the apps that can share files (or do this under settings separately. ) Select the email app as the share tool and hit send.ios attach pdf to email reply How to attach a PDF or another nonimage file to a mail on the iPhone (iOS 9 tutorial) How to attach a PDF or another nonimage file to a mail on the iPhone (iOS 9 tutorial) Posted: 18 Sep 2015, 08: 55, posted by Victor H.

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As of now, in iOS 8, you can only attach photos and videos. Long press an empty area in the email and you'll get an option to 'Insert Photos and Videos ios attach pdf to email reply Jun 10, 2014 Pdf expert is your beat bet. I use it to email multiple work docs every day. Zip, pdf, pics and XML. Just open the docs u wish to email in that app and it will save it there then hit edit to chose the apps and then hit email. All ur docs will be attached to that email. Very easy to use. Hit me up if u need help using this app. Doubletap in the body of your new email and tap Insert Photo or Video or tap Add Attachment. Find the photo or PDF that you want to attach and mark up, then tap Choose. Tap the attachment, then tap Markup. Choose a tool and mark up your attachment, then tap Done. Write your message, then tap Send. How do you add an email attachment on your iPhone or iPad? With iCloud, or maybe a PDF or text file. Because Apple's iCloud service is built into iOS,