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2019-10-22 21:14

Jun 25, 2014 Judging from Google's onstage demonstration of the new Android Auto at its IO 2014 developer conference, Android users can expect an easy, smooth navigation experience. Other features include music playback and messaging, with a potential for many more apps to come from thirdparty developers.Android Nougat release date. Android Nougat is out right now, but when you'll get the upgrade is going to dependent on your device. The release date is rather staggered. android launch date

Google's 7. 0 Android software offers welcome improvements in what is a functional, but not very exciting, update. Google's 7. 0 Android software offers welcome

android launch date

Below, we've highlighted which smartphones have seen the Android Oreo update and, for the others, the release date of when to expect it. Android 8. 0 and 8. 1 Oreo feature highlights Android 8. 0 Oreo focuses primarily on speed and efficiency. Android Oreo is the 8th major release of the Android operating system. It was first released as a developer preview on October 25, 2017, with factory images for current Nexus and Pixel devices. A second developer preview was made available on November 27, 2017 for Nexus and Pixel devices, before the stable version was released onandroid launch date May 18, 2018  Fortnite has yet to land on the Android operating system, leaving users of anything but Apple devices left with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for their battle

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In the developer update (via The Verge), titled the State of Mobile, Epic announced a number of tweaks to the mobile version of Fortnite that should be available to Android android launch date