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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Avaya 1608I IP Telephone at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.CAUSE: The 96xx telephone is attempting to find a DHCP server and the user is not allowed to view IP Addresses. RESOLUTION: If this message appears for more than a few seconds, verify with the LAN Administrator that a DHCP server is appropriately administered on the network. avaya ip phone 1608 discover

Have the LAN Administrator verify network connectivity between the telephone and the gatekeeper. Alternately, revise the gatekeeper addresses in the DHCPTFTP files in accordance with the 4600 Series IP Telephone LAN Administrator Guide to point to different gatekeepers.

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1608 Phone Quick Guide Page 1 Issue 01 ( ) IP Office IP Office 1608 telephone quick reference guide Your 1608 telephone The IP Office supports the 1608 telephone. The 1608 IP telephone is a multiline IP telephone for use with Avaya Communication Manager or Avaya Distributed Office call processing systems. The 1608 IP telephone puts convenient features and capabilities at your fingertips, including a Phoneavaya ip phone 1608 discover The 1600 Series IP Deskphones combine the features of traditional and IP desk phones, delivering capabilities often found in higherpriced devices. Ease the upgrade process and improve productivity. For employees accustomed to traditional digital telephones, these models offer a familiar user interfaceincluding contextsensitive displays and fixed

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Jul 29, 2015  If a working phone suddenly goes into discovery mode then the keepalive packets from the gatekeeper aka IP Office are not confirmed by the phone and then the Gatekeeper discard the phone and it gets unregistered and the avaya ip phone 1608 discover Nov 22, 2009 RE: Avaya IP 4620s stuck at Discover screen amriddle01 (Programmer) 22 Nov 09 11: 33 Also make sure the Netgear port is pinned down to half duplex as that is all the 403 is capable of How to Factory Reset an Avaya 1608 Phone. we're into the menu where you add your IP addresses, if you're not using DHCP. This is a good way in case your phone goes to discover or won't connect to your server to get into the phone to factory reset. We're going to go ahead and hit pound for yes and this is going to ask us are we sure I've got a new avaya 1608I in the office, i've got multiple of these phones and thus far it always was a simple plug in, it discover the server and the extenion would be created (as configured on the server). For some reason that is not the case this time, it started out with a dhcp conflict, after