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Oct 21, 2015  Press the SYNC phone button and wait for the screen to display a command. No Phone Found is a common response that typically means the SYNC system is still searching for your cells connection to connect via Bluetooth.this is the 2008 with the Phone button im not sure all of what will happen on the lincoln vs. the ford, is there maybe a store phone list? on this ford the button is just dead, and the customer is looking to activate its feature as it works in the lincoln. 2009 f150 phone button

The 2009 Ford F150 is available with the SYNC system, which allows you to connect your cellular phone to the car over a Bluetooth connection for handsfree calling. Once you have paired your phone, you can make phone calls with voice control to comply with handsfree driving regulations that many states have enacted.

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Ford 2016 model year, SYNCequipped Escape, Explorer, Edge, F150, Focus, and Mustang. Ford 2015 model year, SYNCequipped Edge, F150, Focus, and Mustang. If you have an older vehicle that is not listed above, follow the second set of instructions. Dec 21, 2008 The owner's manual does not describe this function nor does the Phone button mute the audio as I tried this before emailing you. I suggest you look into whether this is related to connecting a bluetooth interface option with the radio and provide correct information with references to Ford documenation.2009 f150 phone button Jul 15, 2012 I remember the older trucks the phone button would mute the radio, at least in my dads 97 F150 and his 2000 F250. I can't remember if my factory radio in my 2003 F350 had the phone button or not now, been a while since I had it in there.

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Sep 22, 2011  The Motorola bluetooth phone systems have the capability of using that button. There's a special cable that interconnects between the phone and the Motorola system that gives it functionality. I had it in my 2005 Mustang. Took the Motorola system out when I sold the 'stang, tried to install it in the '10 F150, the interconnecting cable 2009 f150 phone button This article applies to the Ford F150 ( ) and F250 Super Duty ( ). The Ford F 150 or Super Duty's SYNC feature is a Bluetooth enabled entertainment component designed to function seamlessly with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone, making for an optimal listening experience during each drive. Feb 05, 2009 2009 2014 Ford F150 2009 F 150 Phone button I bought a F 150 2 days ago. My salesman told me the phone button on the dash panel is for a cell phone. I have a bluetooth enabled iPhone, but can do nothing on pressing this button. I know I have to pair the phone, but the button will do nothing. Is it a dummy I have a 2009 Ford F150 with Sync. The Sync worked beautifully with my Iphone for the first 7 months, now Sync won't recognize the phone. The manual mentions going to systems settings and doing a reset. I have scrolled all throught the setttings and system settings never appears. Thanks, Tom