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Best Phones with Infrared Blaster Below 5000# 13. Karbonn Titanium Machfive. The Machfive is the only mobile with Infrared port under 5000 in India at the moment. There used to be a few other handsets from Xolo, Celkon and Intex earlier. But, they areIR Blaster Phones List, What is IR Blaster and How it works in Smartphones. IR Blaster for Android Mobile Phones. Complete List of Smartphones with infrared mobile phones list

On a mobile phone, the infrared (IR) port enables data transfer to another IR equipped phone. The phones must have the IR ports aligned with a clear line of site to establish a connection. IR data transfer uses a beam of infrared light to send data and operates only at a range of about a meter

infrared mobile phones

Infrared sensors, for example, already offer a variety of practical uses and, as the technology becomes more ubiquitous, will further enhance available features. Two consumer smartphone Infraredsensor attachments, the FLIR One and Compact by Sleek Thermal, allow smartphone users to reach the full potential of these nifty sensors. Top phones with IR blaster and remote control functionality (2015 edition) Top phones with IR blaster and remote control functionality (2015 edition) Posted: 26 Jul 2015, 20: 15 An infrared photon walks into a bar and says, Isinfrared mobile phones list List of Mobile Phones with IR Blaster and Fingerprint Sensor. Here are the Smartphones containing both Infrared Blaster and Fingerprint Scanner.

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A decade ago, the sole purpose of cell phones' infrared ports was to enable the exchange of data with another device. These were eventually rendered obsolete by the superior Bluetooth technology, which was more reliable and worked from a greater distance. infrared mobile phones list Over the years mobile phones have evolved a lot. Now apart from just calling, these act as a GPS device, calculator, organiser, a camera etc. In recent days, the smartphones (usually high end ones) have got another functionality that of a remote controller. This is a lit of Mobile Phones with IR blaster through which you can control TV, AC, DVD players etc. There are 36 mobiles with IR blaster currently being tracked by Pricebaba. Here is the full list with price, photos, specs and reviews. List of devices with an IR blaster (Redirected from List of devices with IR blaster ) Devices with an infrared blaster (or IR blaster) that emulate an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device that is normally controlled