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2020-01-25 11:40

In reality, the Aspire News app does contain Yahoo headlines. But in the Help section, you'll find tons of resources for victims of domestic violence, such as quizzes to determine if your relationship is abusive and suggested steps for getting out of aThese tools (which weve been calling dualuse apps) can be readily found on app stores and repurposed for intimate partner abuseand victims may not know that they are configured to share so much information with abusers. apps for abuse victims

Jul 02, 2018 Additionally, Patrick advises abuse victims go as lowtech as possible. If they have a sensitive appointment like interviewing attorneys or meeting a counselor, park several blocks away and put all the electronics in the trunk, she said.

apps for abuse

The app is disguised as a typical news outlet, with stories from the day powered by Yahoo! News, but the Help section is a hidden guide to resources for domestic violence. This App Could Change the Way Domestic Violence Victims Seek Help UK charity Hestia aims to save lives by making domestic abuse support services available to victims at the touch of a button. SHAREapps for abuse victims Nov 21, 2013 If someone you know is in an abusive relationship or if that someone is you the Help Section of the application contains complete resources for victims of domestic violence, as well as a way to get help when you need it.

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A handful of apps have been developed in recent years to educate women on signs of abuse, provide connections to resources, and alert apps for abuse victims The app combines inspirational messages and videos, a blog with such post topics as Relationship Rights, and interactive quizzes on topics like identifying abuse in your own relationship or the relationship of a friend. Pro: Simple, straightforward information that anyone, of any age, could find useful. Victims of domestic violence are more likely to tell their friends, rather than police, about the situation, he said. The app is the result of two years of collaboration between Sojourner and the App Brewery, which employs UWM students to create apps to help local startups, researchers, nonprofits and government. The App Brewery is located Using apps to fight drug abuse. Category: Drug Addiction. Surprisingly, apps can also help with drug abuse. Although not a replacement for therapy and treatment, apps can help addicts find more information about their disease, build support groups and manage their moods and cravings. The Sovereign Health Group is a leading