Can i use cell phone during lightning

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2020-02-23 00:54

If you mean a mobile phone, yes. Mobile phones and cordless phones can be used safely during lightning activity. But using wired phones (land phones) may result in an accident. But you need to take care that you are situated in a safe place.Jul 11, 2006  I can see how people think carrying around an electrical device could make you more likely to get zapped. But think about how small a cell phone is, and can i use cell phone during lightning

The MythBusters zapped a makeshift house with 300, 000 volts of electricity to chart lightning's potential path from the ground wiring to

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The safest place, of course, is in your home. Given the potential danger associated with using a landline phone when lightning is present, thats when talking on your cell phone could actually be safer. Portable (cordless) and cell phones are safe to use during a thunderstorm. Should I unplug my computer and TV during a storm? No, not during a storm. Electronic devices should be unplugged before a storm arrives. A few years ago, a man in Phoenix unplugged a device at the precise moment when lightning struck. He was throwncan i use cell phone during lightning Cell phones and cordless phones don't increase your chances of being struck by lightning, but they do not make it safe to be outside during a lightning storm. Lightning can strike you even if you are not the tallest thing around.

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Jun 14, 2017 Mobile phones do not attract lightning this video will explain why. To know more visit the following links can i use cell phone during lightning And theres no evidence that cell phones somehow attract lightning. Interestingly, though, there is another danger posed by using cell phones during a storm, especially while outside and holding a metallic cell phone to your ear. Skin is a