Windows phone rename bluetooth

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2019-12-09 03:26

Follow these steps to change the Bluetooth name of your Windows 10 mobile device be it Lumia, Acer, LG, Samsung or something else.My Lumia 640 is linked to two Ford cars. My partner's Fiesta and my Mondeo. They both appear as Ford Audio on my phone's Bluetooth app. How can I rename at least one of them so that I can disting windows phone rename bluetooth

In Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 525) I can't rename by Bluetooth name, and by default its showing 'Windows If all my friends (all are using Windows Phone) try to share some files through Bluetooth

windows phone rename

How can the answer be improved? Mar 15, 2016 Connect the phone to the PC via USB, open This PC (My Computer) and rename the device. Sure you can rename the phone that way, just as in settings, about, rename on the phone itself but I think the OP is looking to rename a bluetooth device that is paired to a phone or phone rename bluetooth Mar 31, 2017 I found that if you forget the device on all your computersphones etc. then connect using an iPhone or an Android phonetablet (not sure if it works on windows) you can go into Bluetooth settings on the phonetablet and rename it.

Free Windows phone rename bluetooth

Connect your Windows Phone device to your PCLaptop using a Data Cable. Wait for a few seconds for the phone to show up in This PCComputer My Computer. When the Windows Phone media device appears in the Computer, right click on its icon and select Rename. Now rename it to whatever you want your Bluetooth Device to show. Thats it. windows phone rename bluetooth Oct 24, 2015  You will be able to rename the Bluetooth Devices name if the devices appear in Windows Explorer. Usually, we can rename the Bluetooth mobile phone and printers name. Bluetooth device name will be specified by the Device manufacturer.