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2019-08-18 13:06

Find out more details about the BlackBErry Beta Zone Global BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Community and how you can get involved.Beta Zone BlackBerry Device Search and Hub Services betas updated Bla1ze 1 year ago 32. If you're among the many participating in the Android app betas through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you'll want to go ahead and check the Google Play Store for some new updates. The beta releases of BlackBerry Device Search and Hub Services ober blackberry beta zone

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ober blackberry beta

Nominating an Organization for Enterprise Beta Programs. In our last post, we focused on BlackBerry Beta Zone from the perspective of the average BlackBerry smartphone user, and what was needed for them to participate in beta programs. Step 2 Joining a BlackBerry Beta Zone beta program After registering and logging into BlackBerry Beta Zone, eligible beta programs will appear on the righthand side. For this example, lets join the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 2. 0 beta program:ober blackberry beta zone Feedback from Beta Zone has resulted in thousands of internal feature request tickets for apps, services, desktop software, and devices. Programs Beta Zone hosts beta programs conducted by BlackBerry and by select developer partners who are looking for your feedback on their BlackBerry apps.

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If you've fired up the BlackBerry Beta Zone today, you may have already spotted the latest app from Nemory Studios. It goes by the name Ober and serves as a hybrid native and web app for the Uber taxi service. Sadly, (or perhaps thankfully? ) I don't live in an area which Uber is available so I wasn ober blackberry beta zone Terms and Conditions; Privacy Policy; Legal; Copyright 2018 BlackBerry, unless otherwise noted. Anyway, I've read in some forums there is already an uber app for BlackBerry 10, like some third party app named Ober . And when I look in the BlackBerry world it's not there. Something like BlackBerry beta zone I think I read? Uber, a taxi service based in the States is a well sought after app for BlackBerry 10 users. Nemory Studios, the developer who brought you Snap2Chat, Facebook Messenger and so on, brings you Ober, the third party Uber app. Ober is officially in Beta form on the BlackBerry Beta Zone app for BlackBerry 10 users. The