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I see this is a very old question but I think worth to talk about. Okay, my answer will be hated for sure but it is my opinion after 6 years of being a mobile dev with 6 featured games and an overall 40 million downloads.Matthew Hall has made video games for Nick Suttner, a champion for indie games who works at Sony. Hes made video games for Toru Iwatani. He once made a video game for his favourite artist. indie developer mobile games

201 rows There are thousands of independent game development studios which either selfpublish their titles, or enter into licensing or codevelopment agreements with publishers. This list is not intended to be exhaustive with respect to developers or their games, and includes only notable developers and their most notable game examples.

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Independent video game development, or indie game development, is the video game development process of creating indie games; these are video games, commonly created by individual or small teams of video game developers and usually without significant financial support of a video game publisher or other outside source. AAA video games have gotten remarkably similar to each other over the last generation, with publishers becoming lesswilling to bet on creative and unique ideas as they focus on established franchises. Indie games those created by independent developers without the backing of a major corporateindie developer mobile games About Blog The Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN) is an international volunteer trade organization that supports indie game developers making, publishing, and promoting fantastic games. Frequency about 4 posts per month.

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Opinion: What NOT to do when starting as an indie game developer. Mobile Pick: Tiny Traffic Mania (Spyros Games) indie developer mobile games Being an indie game developer is exhilarating, fun, and creative; but youre busy wearing several hats throughout your 16hour days. To save you some time, weve put together a list of our favorite game development and mobile industry blogs& resources. Successful indie game developers, how did you market your that we hope will be beneficial to anyone else whos looking to market their indie mobile game! GameDev Market is a marketplace for high quality, affordable game assets handcrafted by talented creators around the world. GameDev Network Limited is registered in England& Wales ( ). Registered office: Baltic