Macro iphone photography

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How to shoot on iPhone. How to shoot on iPhone. We believe that everyone can take great photos. Here are some tips and techniques to help you take even better ones and enjoy them with your iPhone. How to shoot. Slomo Live PhotoThe versatility and portability of this lightweight combo make it a solid choice for a casual smartphone shooter looking to experiment with their iPhone photography. Each lens can be flipped around to accommodate either the wide or tele lens of the iPhone 7 Plus, and each fits over the frontfacing camera as well. macro iphone photography

Feb 27, 2010 Get much closer to subjects than usual simply by adding a lowcost macro lens attachment to your iPhone's exisiting camera lens with no risk of damage.

macro iphone photography

Macro photos turn everyday objects into works of art. Professional iPhone photographer Jack Hollingsworth is here to show you all the tricks you need to get the macro photos youve always dreamed of! Get creative with your iPhone and learn the basics of macro photography with your smartphone. All you need is an app and some patience.macro iphone photography Macro photography allows you to see the world from a different perspective. Whether you're shooting giant cereal pieces a la Honey I Shrunk the Kids or the petals of a flower, you can create fantastic scenes from otherwise ordinary objects. iPhone macro photography is especially exciting: Because your phone is so small, you can get

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Probably the most foolproof type of macro lens to install and use, the Mobile macro lens band works by securing itself via a rubber band around your iPhone. While the 4x magnification isn't as high as other macro lenses, the crisp and clear images it produces prove you don't necessarily need all that zoom to get decent pictures. macro iphone photography Based in California, their focus is on action photography, but they offer a range of iPhone lenses for landscape and macro photography too. In this article, youll discover four different SANDMARC lenses for iPhone X to help you decide if theyre right for you and your iPhone photography. Have you ever tried macro photography of flowers or tiny insects with your phone? Its virtually impossible. If you get too close to your subject, your image ends up looking blurry. However, with a few simple modifications, you can quickly turn your device into the ultimate macro photography machine. How can the answer be improved? I love macro photography. It fascinates me what amazing little things you can capture with your iPhone and an attachable lens. Every day we have all these pretty little things, on the sidewalk, in our garden, etc, that we take for granted because we get sucked in our fastpaced life.